ASTM A/AM: Standard Specification for Steel, Strip, Carbon ( Maximum Percent), Cold-Rolled. ASTM A Standard Specification for Steel, Strip, Carbon ( Maximum Percent), Cold-Rolled1_幼儿读物_幼儿教育_教育专区。. ASTM A Carbon Steel, Tempers 4 or 5, Composition Spec. Categories: Metal; Ferrous Metal; ASTM Steel. Material Notes: Cold Rolled Strip. Vendors: No.

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In bright normalizing the furnace atmosphere is controlled to prevent oxidizing of the strip surface. Aatm tolerance for check testing, of two Rockwell points on the B scale below the minimum and above the maximum of the range specied, is commonly allowed to compensate for normal differences in equipment.

There is some overlapping asttm the different scales, but the best scale to use in any given case is the one which will give the maximum penetration, without showing undue evidence of impression on the undersurface and without exceeding B or its equivalent on the dial.

Proper identication of asfm may include visual examination, prints or descriptions, or a combination of these. The term weight is used when inch-pound units are the standard. It is the general experience that most identied parts can be satisfactorily produced from one of the tempers. However, such products are technically classified as cold rolled sheet.

Note 2—Camber tolerances as shown in the table are for any mm length. Bend at upon itself in any direction. The production of this nish requires a10 care in processing and extensive inspection. The exact processing by different manufacturers will naturally vary slightly, so that absolute identity cannot be expected in their commercial tempers of cold-rolled strip.


Note 3—When the camber tolerances shown in Table 10 are suitable for a particular purpose, cold-rolled strip is sometimes machine straightened. W 5 Width of strip, in.

C A soft ductile cold-rolled strip intended for deep drawing where stretcher strains or uting are permissible. For those uses in which stretcher straining, uting, or breakage due to aging of the steel is likely to occur, the steel should be fabricated as promptly as possible after skin-rolling.

If the Rockwell ball is attened by using it on a hard sample, it should be replaced, otherwise the subsequent readings will be affected.

For most end part application only one kind of mechanical test requirement is normally employed. Cold Rolled Strip Vendors: A medium soft cold-rolled strip intended for limited bending, shallow drawing and stamping.

ASTM A109 Grade 1 hard

Materials and Manufacture 5. TABLE 11 Flatness Tolerances of Cold-Rolled Carbon Steel Strip It has not been practical to formulate atness tolerances for cold-rolled carbon steel strip to represent the wide range of widths and thicknesses and variety of tempers produced. Note 2—Camber tolerances as shown in the table are for any 8 ft.

However, under SI the preferred term is mass. Other tempers vary in a similar way. Notwithstanding the absence of a signature, the organization submitting the EDI 5 The strip is 1. Temper and Bend Test Requirement 7.


Mill inspection by the purchaser shall not interfere unnecessarily with the manufacturer’s operation. These elements are considered as incidental and are not normally reported. The amount of reduction is greater than that used in skin-rolling see 3. Over 12 to Over Elongation in 2 in. However, the document shall clearly identify the organization submitting the document.

ASTM A Carbon Steel, Tempers 4 or 5, Composition Spec

A moderately stiff cold-rolled strip intended for limited bending. Over 12 12 Through 12 Specied Width, mm Over However, unless the order species the applicable “M” specication designation SI unitsthe material shall be furnished to inch-pound units. Combining values from the two systems may result in non-conformance with the standard. Originally published as A — 26 T. Users viewing this material also viewed the following: This standard is subject to revision at any time by the responsible technical committee and must be reviewed every ve years and if not revised, either reapproved or withdrawn.

Your comments will receive careful aetm at a meeting of the responsible technical committee, which you may attend. It is recommended that hardness numbers be specied to the same scale as that to be used during testing. Sometimes an anneal is used at some intermediate thickness to facilitate further cold reduction or to obtain desired temper and mechanical properties in the nished strip.