Javier Senosiain Arquitectura Organica. Principal Architect. The idea for the project was first conceived and took its likeness from a peanut. Oasis Remodelación. Imagen. Noticias. Imagen. Contacto. © Arquitectura Orgánica – Javier Senosiain | México, D.F. | [email protected] e-mail. Javier Senosiain never stops surprising us; seeing any of his works impacts and astonishes our souls, javier-senosiain-presenta-arquitectura-organica

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The rods were then rolled into a spiral shape. This material, which has its origin in reinforced concrete and was forgotten for a long time, promised to provide a monolithic sculpture. Decided to walk hours into the jungle in Columbia alone This is what met me discovered later that this is the worlds highest palmtree landscapedecidedwalkhoursjunglecolumbiadiscoveredworldspalmtree.

It was, therefore, decided that the soil used would fluctuate between 20 and 25 centimeters in thickness. A spatial experience there living generates a route sequence, where neither the walls or floor or ceiling are parallel. In that way, the grass would grow more slowly, thus reducing gardening efforts and costs. The idea for the project was first conceived and took its likeness from a peanut shell: Upon entering from the outside, you go up a staircase and into the Nautilus, past a large stained glass window.

Organic House

Once the topographic study was finished, the uavier of trees was given senoxiain attention so that they would not have to be moved or taken out altogether snosiain make room for the structure. People dont really consider beauty of Idaho so Im here to share a little love for it This is Alice Lake in the Sawtooth Wilderness landscapepeopledontconsiderbeautyidahosharelittlelovealicelakesawtoothwilderness.

Email Address Email is required. Built for a young couple in Mexico City, the creative brief was to construct a non-conventional home that follows nature’s principles of design, as seen in the forms of plants, animals and in this case, the logarithmic spiral of sea shells. Top 10 vegan blogs to follow. The windows of the house were placed strategically in places that would look out over the most pleasant parts of the garden, preferably toward the south so that sunlight would still be available in the winter, javiwr light the way flowers do.


Nautilus House in Mexico by Javier Senosiain of Arquitectura Organica – Photorator

As ortanica enter, you do feel like you are being welcomed into the belly of a living creature. This made placement of the center of the circles easier. The evaporation plus transpiration of the lawn, plants and trees refreshes and oxygenates the interior thereby preventing atmospheric dryness, dust infiltration, and pollutants.

Prev Next Slideshow You can use your keyboard arrow keys. The dirt and the grass both protect the membrane of the structure from sunlight, wind, hail and the yearly wet-dry cycle, thereby preventing dilations and contractions which would cause fissures and lead to humidity.

Organic House | Javier Senosiain Arquitectura Organica

All of the snow in the Sierras this last winter has created some incredible conditions in Yosemite now that the snow is melting landscapesnowsierraswintercreatedincredibleconditionsyosemitemelting. Besides meeting the need for plasticity, it was evident that this pliable material must meet the requirements that would make it more than sculpturing clay.

The effect is such that when the hot summer arrives, temperatures inside are cool, and when the cold winter comes, temperatures inside remain warm.

It is a well-known fact that to create or conserve a microclimate that will benefit human beings, one must begin with the outside of the home and then proceed inside. I flew from into Vegas and drove hrs straight to the Grand Canyons North Rim This view made it all worth it landscapeflewvegasdrovestraightgrandcanyonsnorthworth. This man is cloning old-growth redwoods and planting them in safe places video.


Mexican architect Javier Senosiain ‘s work in what he calls arqutiectura arises from his belief that organic forms connect us back to our roots of living in harmony — rather than in conflict — with nature. Senosiain, who has been building and teaching his vision of sustainable bio-architecture since the s as both an architect and professor, says that there is a humanistic approach to his process, expressed in the flowing curves of his structures.

The side of Machu Picchu you dont see landscapemachupicchudont.

Temperatures inside and out turn out to be totally opposite from each other. The end product was a shell about four centimeters thick, resistant because of its shape, waterproof, and very easy to build. Seeing the Matterhorn is a special occasion even living senosialn Switzerland Had the chance to oranica a javieg up to Zermatt for sunset landscapeseeingmatterhornspecialoccasionlivingswitzerlandchancebringfriendzermattsunset.

The end result looked like a skateboard park — continuously winding up and downhill. Once the construction stage was reached, a cross was drawn in the center of the property, which served as a reference for a system of Javiier coordinates. Images Videos Info Love Comments. Documentary reveals Vo Trong Nghia, Vietnam’s visionary bamboo arch Another view of Earthrise: In this video, Senosiain explains and shows the construction process behind the Nautilus House and other works:.

More over at Arquitectura Organica. Once the framework of the construction was finished, the process of covering the building with soil was begun.

The idea for this proposal was based on the elemental functions required by man: Is Yosemite cheating My first time seeing mountains and a waterfall like this landscapeyosemitecheatingtimeseeingmountainswaterfall.

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