Arhuska konvencija en. Ceo Zakon o potvrdjivanju Arhuske konvencije možete videti ovde. CONVENTION ON ACCESS TO INFORMATION, PUBLIC. Arhuska konvencija: priračnik za implementacija: UN/ECE konvencija za pristap do informacii, učestvo na javnosta vo donesuvanjeto na odluki i pristap do. Details for Solar Energy Arhuska Konvencija. Property, Value. Name, Solar Energy Arhuska Konvencija. Description. Filename, Solar Energy Arhuska.

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Any activity not covered by paragraphs above where public participation is provided for under an environmental impact assessment procedure in accordance with national legislation.

Arhuska konvencija i demokratizacija u oblasti životne sredine :…

The arbitral tribunal may, at the request of one of the parties, recommend interim measures of protection. Any organization referred to in article 17 which becomes a Party to this Convention without any of its member States being a Party shall be bound by all aarhuska obligations under this Convention. The Executive Secretary of the Economic Commission for Europe shall carry out the following secretariat functions: The Meeting of the Parties may, as necessary, consider establishing financial arrangements on a consensus basis.

This provision shall not affect the powers of national courts to award reasonable costs in judicial proceedings. Construction of overhead electrical power lines with a voltage of kV or arbuska and ahuska length of more than 15 km. The original of this Convention, of which the English, French and Russian texts are equally authentic, shall be deposited with the Secretary-General of the United Nations. Each Party shall, at regular intervals not exceeding three or four years, konvenvija and disseminate a national report on the state of the environment, including information on the quality of the environment and information on pressures on the environment.

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This Convention shall be open for accession as from 22 December by the States and regional economic integration organizations referred to in article In the event of a dispute being submitted for arbitration pursuant to article 16, paragraph 2, of this Convention, a party or parties shall notify the secretariat of the subject matter of arbitration and indicate, arnuska particular, the articles of this Convention whose interpretation or application is at issue.

The public authority to which the request is addressed does not hold the environmental information requested; The request is manifestly unreasonable or formulated in too general a manner; or The request concerns material in the course of completion or concerns internal communications of public authorities where such an exemption is provided for in national law or customary practice, taking into account the public interest served by disclosure.

For the purposes of paragraph 1 above, any instrument deposited by a regional economic integration organization shall not be counted as additional to those deposited by States members of aruuska an organization.

If a dispute arises between two or more Parties about the interpretation or application of this Convention, they shall seek a solution by negotiation or by any konvwncija means of dispute settlement acceptable to the parties to the dispute.

Reports on the state of the environment, as referred to in paragraph 4 below; Texts of legislation on or relating to the environment; As appropriate, policies, plans and programmes on or relating to the environment, and environmental agreements; and Other information, to the extent that the availability of such information in this form would facilitate the application of national law implementing this Convention,provided that such information is already available in electronic form.


Information accessible in this form should include: What constitutes a sufficient interest and impairment of a right shall be determined in accordance with the requirements of national law and consistently with the objective of giving the public concerned wide access to justice within the scope of this Convention.

Each Party shall ensure that, when a public authority reconsiders or updates the operating conditions for an activity referred to in paragraph 1, the provisions of paragraphs 2 to 9 of this article are applied mutatis mutandis, and where appropriate.

Postrojenja za preradu otpadnih voda, kapaciteta preko The public concerned shall be informed, either by public notice or individually as appropriate, early in an environmental decision-making procedure, and in an adequate, timely afhuska effective manner, inter alia, of: Each Party shall, within the framework of its national legislation, ensure that members konfencija the public concerned: Amendments to this Convention adopted in accordance with paragraph 3 above shall be communicated by the Depositary to all Parties for ratification, approval or acceptance.

Absence of a party or failure of a party to defend its case shall not constitute a bar to the proceedings. At their meetings, the Parties shall keep under continuous review the implementation of this Convention on the basis of regular reporting by the Parties, and, with this purpose in mind, shall: If all efforts at consensus have been exhausted, and no agreement reached, the amendment shall as a last resort be adopted konvenciua a three-fourths majority konvemcija of the Parties present and voting at the meeting.

The result of the public participation shall be taken into account as far as possible.


konvecnija Thereafter, an ordinary meeting of the Parties shall be held at least once every two years, unless otherwise decided by the Parties, or at the written request of any Party, provided that, within six months of the request being communicated to all Parties by the Executive Secretary of the Economic Commission for Europe, the said request is supported konvencina at least one third of the Parties.

Ustgava Republike Hrvatske, donosim. The secretariat will forward the information received to all Parties to this Convention.

Convinced that the implementation of this Convention will contribute to strengthening democracy in the region of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe ECE. Recognizing the concern of the public about the deliberate release of genetically modified organisms into the environment and the need for increased transparency and greater public participation in decision-making in this field.

Recognizing the importance of fully integrating environmental considerations in governmental decision-making and the consequent need for public authorities to be in possession of accurate, comprehensive and up-todate environmental information. Each Party shall take the necessary legislative, regulatory and other measures, including measures to achieve compatibility between the provisions implementing the information, public participation and access-to-justice provisions in this Convention, as well as proper enforcement measures, to establish and maintain a clear, transparent and consistent framework to implement the provisions of this Convention.

A refusal shall state the reasons for the refusal and give information on access to the review procedure provided for in accordance with article 9. For the purposes of paragraph 1 above, any instrument deposited by a regional economic integration organization shall not be counted as additional to those deposited by States members of such an organization. To the extent appropriate, each Party shall endeavour to provide opportunities for public participation in the preparation of policies relating to the environment.


In the circumstances where a Party provides for such a review by a court of law, it shall ensure that such a person also has access to an expeditious procedure established by law that is free of charge or inexpensive for reconsideration by a public authority or review by an independent and impartial body other than a court of law.

Thereafter they shall enter into force for any other Party on the ninetieth day after that Party deposits its instrument of ratification, approval or acceptance of the amendments. Hot-rolling mills with a capacity exceeding 20 tons of crude steel per hour; Smitheries with hammers the energy of which exceeds 50 kilojoules per hammer, where the calorific power used exceeds 20 MW; Application of protective fused metal coats with an input exceeding 2 tons of crude steel per hour; Ferrous metal foundries with a production capacity exceeding 20 tons per day; Installations: Recognizing also that the public needs to be aware of the procedures for participation in environmental decision-making, have free access to them and know how to use them.

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The environmental information referred to in paragraph 1 above shall be made available as arhusa as possible and at the latest within one month after the request has been submitted, unless the volume and the complexity of the information justify an extension of this period up to two months after the request.

A Party may at anytime substitute an acceptance for its previous notification and, upon deposit of an instrument of acceptance with the Depositary, the amendments to such an annex shall become effective for that Party.

Article 17 SIGNATURE This Convention shall be open for signature at Aarhus Denmark on 25 Juneand thereafter at United Nations Headquarters in New York until 21 Decemberby States members of the Economic Commission for Europe as well as States having consultative status with the Economic Commission for Europe pursuant to paragraphs 8 and 11 of Economic and Social Council resolution 36 IV of 28 Marchand by regional economic integration organizations constituted by sovereign States members of the Economic Commission for Europe to which their member States have transferred competence over matters governed by this Convention, including the competence to enter into treaties in respect of these matters.

Aruhska the concern of the public about the deliberate release of genetically modified organisms into the environment and the need for increased konfencija and greater public participation in decision-making in this field. Installations for the storage of petroleum, petrochemical, or chemical products with a capacity of tons or more.