Apollo Medical Devices is commercializing a rapid blood testing technology with an anticipated turnaround time of five minutes using just a single drop of blood. Medtech Notes. likes · Medtech Notes added 26 new photos. October 8 ·. Must have! Recommendations and Reviews. Recommended by 1 . The 50th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 landing on the Moon offers an to reflect on what we know about the Apollo era and its legacies, what we still need to H- Sci-Med-Tech List Discussion Logs · H-Sci-Med-Tech Reviews.

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Subscribe Free Magazine eNewsletter. With cutting-edge automation capabilities, our clinical lab software drives efficiency by simplifying time-consuming routine tasks, enabling you to focus on the advancement and development of modern medicine.

: Apollo MedTech – Analysis of 35 Reviews

Designed to enable public and private laboratories to deploy state of the art Outreach and ELR solutions. Laboratory Billing System by Softactics 0 reviews. Solutions for management laboratory workflows from sample receiving and storage to sample pre-processing and experiments.

Learn more about SCIcart. Learn more about Pathology Lab Reporting System. Lab results tracking and visualization platform for functional, integrative and naturopathic medical practices. Medisoft by Emergys 9 reviews. Learn more about eLab. Learn more about eWB Cloud-based solution revew touch screen devices that helps improve workflows of cardiology labs, radiology departments, nursing, etc.

A note-taking and sharing app for research scientists to record, search, backup, and collaborate revieew medical lab documentation. Freezerworks empowers, putting the user in control.

A dynamic, comprehensive and scalable laboratory information system designed to accommodate a wide array of laboratory environments. Learn more about Empirica Pathology test process management software with easy to operate, native touchscreen user interface.


Essential tools for communication and documentation of all critical test results reporting, made by physicians for physicians. NT-based laboratory information system for back-end processing of a lab’s specimen management, testing, validation, billing, and more. Learn more about TD-Synergy suite Software solutions for clinical, anatomic-pathology laboratories and biobanks.

Learn more about LabSpeed. Learn more about UNIFlow. Learn more about elucidaid.

Learn more about Medical Tests Analyzer A tool for managing and analyzing medical lab results history. An LIMS that integrates with handheld and tablet devices, supports multiple locations, and keeps audit trails for all types of labs. Learn more about Laboratory Billing System Billing and accounts receivable system for laboratory environments.

Windows-based chemical management and statistical process control software package for laboratories and wet-process operations. Laboratory information management, electronic lab notebook, scientific data management system, clinical trial management. Learn feview about Laboratory Sample Tracking. LIMS suitable for process workflow automation solution for quality control testing laboratory and process management practices.

Advanced graphing and statistical regiew.

Rapid, low-cost diagnostics

Learn more about Sunquest Mitogen Sunquest is a global leader in healthcare information technology helping laboratories and healthcare organizations across the world.

Web-based long term scheduling tool for labs servicing nursing homes and physician offices Learn more about LabTrax. Learn more about SoftLab Provides healthcare facilities with full multisite consolidation, flexible patient and management reporting, specimen tracking, more. Learn more about Intelligent Medical Software. Store, process, report and medtsch QC data securely. WindoPath by Psyche Systems 4 reviews.

Medical Lab Software

Configurable LIMS solution with multi-layered storage capabilities that automates sample tracking for lab technicians. Affordable, simple-to-use software bundled with a mini-ERP for the management of medical labs. Compare product reviews and features to build your list. Learn more about Sleep WorkFlow.

Learn more about Prolis Prolis is a comprehensive laboratory information system designed to enhance the performance of reference and hospital labs of all sizes. Cloud-based EHR that provides seamless integration between inpatient and ambulatory patient data from a single web application. LIMS by Kritisoft 0 reviews.


Medical courier management, logistics management, and specimen tracking system with a web-based and Pocket PC devices components.

Designed for the toxicology laboratory, with client demographics and reports tailored for the drugs of abuse market. A wide portfolio of LIMS solutions to suit any laboratory and configurable to match user requirements. Learn more about ForenSeq Universal Analysis Software Made for forensic genomics providing file management, data visualization, samples and casework analysis and interpretation.

Complete Laboratory Management System that enables requisition entry from numerous sources using a multitude of methods. MedicsRCM for Laboratories is available if outsourcing is preferred. Learn more about limsExpress Access based program designed for fields such as analytical, environmental, petrochemical and municipal. Learn more about SurroundLab A complete suite of features including high throughput order entry, customizable results reporting and client connectivity.

Florida-based Nicholson Center will partner with the British robotics company to train surgeons on the system. Learn more about iEHR Cloud-based EHR that provides seamless integration between inpatient and ambulatory patient data from a single web application.

Learn more about Avalon Laboratory System Avalon Laboratory system that can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your laboratory. Provide your employees with the most up-to-date copies mmedtech policies and procedures relevant to their job description in medteh easy-to-use online system.

The complete chemical inventory and laboratory management software system.

Customer online report portal, cloud ready and mobile management facilitated software system for labs.