Thomas Vaughan ( − 27 February ) was a Welsh philosopher and alchemist, who was paying attention to Vaughan as author, and established a reputation with his book Anthroposophia Theomagica, a magico-mystical work. Anthroposophia Theomagica: A Discourse of the Nature of Man and His State After Death [Thomas Vaughan, Eugenius Philalethes] on *FREE*. : Anthroposophia Theomagica: A Discourse of the Nature of Man and His State After Death (): Thomas Vaughan, Eugenius.

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He is now remembered for his work in the field of natural magic. Notwithstanding, in the flowers of several vegetables which in some sort re- present the eyes there is a more subtle, acute perception of heat and cold, and other celestial influences, than in any other part. Hence the Platonists called it “the nimbus of descending Divinity.

And this exposition the apostle confirms in another place ” to them that are dead ” the dead were preached to, not the living. The water hath several complexions, according to the several parts of the creature. He it is to Whom we must be united by ” an essential contact,” and then we shall know all things ” shewn forth openly by clear vision in the Divine Light.

Some things again ” were communicated from mind to mind between the tueomagica of the written word, but some which exceeded carnal understanding were transmitted without writing. I have now handled the two elements and more I cannot find.

I would not have thee look here for the paint and trim of rhetoric, and the rather because English is a language the author was not born to. This is new philosophy, and that of Aristotle is old.

Thus you see that this medial soul or middle spirit is figured by the Abthroposophie of Knowledge ; but he that knows why the Tree of Life is said to be in the midst of the Garden and to grow out of the ground will more fully understand that which we have spoken. Some sparks of grace were left, and though the perfection of innocence was lost upon his Fall from the Divine Light, yet conscience remained still with him partly to direct, partly to punish.


This fire is her Jove, the little anthropospohie we spoke of formerly. Here he makes woman his instrument to tempt man and overthrow him by the same means that God made for an help to him.

But I have touched the veil and must return to the outer court of the Sanctuary. He is reported as having confessed that he had “long sought and long missed If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support?

Annoi. We read in Genesis that God made him out of the anthorposophie.

For this middle spirit middle, I mean, between both extremes and not that which actually unites the whole together anthropposophie well that which is in the outward heaven as that which is in man, is of a fruitful, insinuating nature and carried with a strong desire to multiply itself, so that the celestial form stirs up and excites the elemental. These three are the fundamentals of Art and Nature. I shall at leisure diminish anthroposophi stock, but the thing to be now spoken of is air.

I have now in some measure performed that which at first I promised an exposition of the world and the parts thereof. Adam saith he received his soul ” by an admirable and singular inspiration and fructification of God, if it be lawful so to call it.

I present thee not here with any clamorous opposition of their patron but a positive express of principles as I find them in Nature.


anthroposophia theomagica – the ethereal kiosk

Some things he confesseth were written in the theological books, and such are the common doctrinals of tneomagica Church now, in which notwithstanding as St Peter saith there are many things hard to be understood. This scarce antiquarian book is a facsimile reprint of the original. And this St Paul confirms in the anthropozophie of Aratus “for we are also His generation. Although he did not practice medicine, Vaughan sought to apply his chemical skills to preparing medicines in the manner recommended by Paracelsus.

Wherefore God also, when the matter was prepared by Love for Light, gives out His Fiat Lux, which was no creation as most think but an emanation of the Word, in Whom was life, and that life is the light of men. The mischief is no sooner hatched but he and his confederates are expelled from light to darkness. The air is the outward refreshing spirit, where this vast creature breathes though invisibly, yet not altogether insensibly.

True indeed they tell us it betokens the washing away of sin, which we grant them, but this is not the full signification for which it was ordained. Friar Bacon walked in Oxford between two steeples, but he that would have discovered his thoughts by his steps had been more his fool than his fellow.

Thomas Vaughan (philosopher)

In Ezekiel the Spirit comes from the four winds and breathes upon the slain, that they might gheomagica. Neither is this a fable but the unanimous finding of the Arabians, with the two princes Avicebron and Avicenna. Full view original from The Getty Research Institute.