SPF/M-pumps operate as transfer, booster and burner operation pumps in SPF /M-pumps may be mounted in any position. .. Internet: Original Operating Manual. SPF series. Version. BA ID-No. VM-No. GB. ALLWEILER GmbH. Postfach ALLWEILER, IMO, WARREN and ZENITH are registered trademarks and HOUTTUIN is a trademark of the Colfax Corporation or its subsidiaries in the.

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Allweiler Non Authorized Reseller. Structural design Internal-bearing, three-screw, self-priming screw pump. For the delivery of fuel oils, lube oils, hydraulic oils or other lubricating liquids.

Potable Water for People at Sea and in Extraordinary Locations Fresh water is our passion and our task Approximately 70 percent of the surface from the earth is They are also used to generate pressure in oil-hydraulic systems of all types.

Mariso was established in with an overriding goal of providing customers with quality products and superior services in the field allwfiler Marine Turbochargers and Allweiler Non Authorized Reseller Description: ALLFUEL Injection AFI pumps are employed as transfer, booster and burner operation pumps in oil-fired systems,as feeder and filling pumps xpf tank systems and as lube-oil pumps in virtually all areas of industry.

View Document Recently Supplied: Please notify me about search engine improvements. A return bore connects the seal chamber and the suction area to each other. The fluid media must not contain any abrasive sllweiler nor attack the pump materials chemically.

The constant chamber volume excludes squeezing. Thank you for your vote! All sliding parts are lubricated by the delivery medium being within the range of full liquid friction. allwsiler


The thread flanks merely transmit the torque resulting from the liquid friction. Seven Seas is a global maritime services group specializing in the provision of general ship supplies, stores, spare parts and leading technical maritime brands The drive spindle is hydraulically balanced.

Allweiler Triple Screw – AFI Series ALLFUEL (Replaces SPF) – Pump Power

We are specialised in the appropriate spare parts for the following manufacturers: Sealing chamber and suction chamber are interconnected by way of a return gallery.

Rate this search result: A maintenance-free mechanical seal is provided as the shaft sealing. They are commonly used on vessels are fuel oil pump due to their excellent reliability, compact design and low maintenance requirements.

We are proud to say that we are Marine Suppliers of Allweiler Pumps in Germany.

Reason why you are not happy: We are a specified wholesaler for oil- and gas heating solutions with more than 50 years of experience. Thus, independently of the delivery pres-sure at the shaft sealing, only the suction pressure becomes effective.

Ship-Tec – quality that pays off.

Allweiler Triple Screw – AFI Series ALLFUEL (Replaces SPF)

Their drive is hydraulic. The thread flanks are therefore virtually free of loads and are not subject to wear.

The driving screw is hydraulically balanced. A special starting screw absorbs the axial thrust of the idler screws. Hardened and polished spindles run in an exchangeable casing insert.

It is hydraulically driven. The fluid media must not contain any abrasive particles nor attack the pump epf chemically. They are moreover used for pressure generation in oil-hydraulic plants of all kinds.


SPF pumps operate as transfer, booster and burner operation pumps in fuel oil engineering, as transfer and filling pumps in tank farms as well as lube-oil pumps in allweile industrial branches. As a result, only suction pressure acts on the shaft seal, regardless of discharge pressure. Did you find what you’re looking for?

A alkweiler mechanical seal seals the shaft. In sizes 10 and 20 a balancing piston running in the bearing ring provides radial and axial bearing of the drive spindle; in size 40 a groove ball bearing fulfils this role.

The pumped liquid lubricates all sliding parts and can be categorized as full fluid friction. Self-priming three-screw type of pump with internal bearing.

ALLWEILER – Pumps, Solutions, Service

We offer you a reliable service and know how, in case of Only the torque resulting from liquid friction is transferred to the thread flanks. Our plants are used in the maritime industry, for municipal and industrial The hardened al,weiler ground screws run in an exchangeable casing insert.

As a specialist dealer of shipping components, we see ourselves as expert contact partners in the areas of oil firing technology, For over 25 years we have been internationally ranked amongst the market leaders in the field of completed modularized solutions.