Find great deals for AKG D E Dynamic Wired Microphone. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Its smooth frequency response makes the D E/ES equally suitable for general purpose speech or instrument applications. Complete with SA60 stand adapter. I a/b’ed this with a 57 and a 58 this morning, and I couldn’t believe how clear it sounds. Anyone still use these in studio sessions? I’d love to get.

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With its die cast metal cylinder and matte finished nickel plating, the AKG D E is an exceptionally durable microphone that will last through numerous shows of any intensity level. This thread was started in 12 years ago and was revived in 5 years ago and now in here we are again.

AKG D 190 E Dynamic Wired Microphone

Subscribe to our free newsletter Subscribe. Im thrilled with it! This site uses cookies. But hey, I’m obsd by the microphones. Wired Dynamic Karaoke Microphones. I have use sm58’s but its been awhile.

But it does sound good to my ears. I have two des the s stands for switch, otherwise its the same mic.

All user reviews for the AKG D 190 E/D 190 ES

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It’s also fair to say that I would not use a D on a guitar cab if I had a 57 lying around,-Richie. Im thrilled with it as a drum mic which is all Ive used it for so far but Im SURE it would be a great instrument mic also.

I love the color of this mic on vocals, and keeps carefully for it. With careful positioning, on a stand, it should be possible to make perfectly good recordings of a person talking onto tape. Frequency range is quoted by AKG as 30 to 16, Hz.

Hence the reason why most of them go on for years and years. Log in Become a member. It is super nice.

Use extra holes in the mouth as the SM There is little to go wrong unless it sustains actual severe physical damage. Above all, the grid is a cluster of tiny metal balls, extremely durable, and very effective against plosives. Sign in to disable this ad. I feel the AKG is still a good little starter microphone for anyone getting into d19e0 for the first time. With its cardioid polar pattern, the AKG D E allows the user to be clearly understood whether speaking or singing despite any background music, filtering out unintended noise.


AKG D E Dynamic Wired Microphone | eBay

Some are ordinary run-of-the-mill studio microphones built to do an honest, if somewhat mundane, job. Or, if you want a real deal, go to the nearest Guitar Center, and find out if they have a D, a discontinued model. As soon as the opportunity presents itself. Did you find this review helpful? Frankly, if you like the sound of AKG dynamics I doeither buy a new d or s, they’re almost the same price as that and they’re better mics in general.

The simplicity of the D means it will most probably be very reliable. Anyone still use these in studio sessions? Enter your search terms Submit search form.

They just don’t get people excited. This is a terrific microphone and favorably compares to the SMs that we all know and love. I happily use them for all sorts – including when I’m pushed, drum overheads.