: Airborne (): Constance Sharper: Books. Airborne (The Airborne Saga Book 1) and millions of other books are available for. Grounded: The Airborne Saga #2 [Constance Sharper] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. At last, Avery thought that she had made it back to. Windswept (The Airborne Saga) [Constance Sharper] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Two years ago, Avery never could have pictured.

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Windswept (The Airborne Saga, #3) by Constance Sharper

Avery is my favorite type of heroine. She created a female-lead that meets my high expectations, she created a male-lead-love interest that I never fell for, but still love, and a female-2nd-lead BF to the lead that I love to hate — sounds interesting, right?

You are not Austen Powers! But Emilee, you say, what love at first sight? I only got the part where she had freckles, they never mentioned if she had light brown hair like it shows on the cover or red hair as freckles would suggest. But in reality, I have to keep my head above water and my bills paid. The whole plot was engrossing and gripping!! Avery is in a word When additional harpies come after her in order to get the shell, she realizes that not all of them are going to ask nicely.

Details of her whereabouts are best found at her site http: In Grounded, Avery returns back to school, soon Mason leaves her to head back to his ex-fiance to figure some stuff out but not before his ex-fiance sends a man named Patrick to “protect” her.


It’s how the triangle came to be that ticks me off.

Book Review – Airborne (Airborne Saga #1) by Constance Sharper

She continues to write multiple books in the same and similar genres. If he was honestly attracted to her, single, and tried to get her to like him in return, then I would have gone with it, and probably would have finished this book.

I can’t wait for more, all my YA book lover condtance should read this series. Nice way to end the series.

Why did I finish this? They are both equals, they fight together, live together and strong together. Constantly on the run and in and out of the enemy’s grasp, desperate acts to save her life cause Avery to use the power inside her. Nov 02, Mia rated it really liked it. A little less okay. He tried to get the attention of Avery and almost succeeded but Mason came wharper. The grammar is very bad, but there constsnce some simple solutions to help combat this. Avery attends boarding school in Alaska.

Airborne (Airborne Saga, #1) by Constance Sharper

No trivia or quizzes yet. For example, Avery is gone from school for a week and no one calls her family, nor airvorne they try to reach her. She currently lives with her beagle and wishes a Starbucks would open up nearby. It was like she was getting stupider, she just kept doing the same dumb stuff as she did in the first book. Avery knew she had a knack for attracting trouble, but even she is shocked when a six-foot-something harpie shows up on her consgance.


Then show up the out-law harpies, the Band, who want nothing more than to harness the power living in Avery, even if it means killing her. She’s risky, reckless and pretty lucky or unlucky if you look at it from a completely different view. In this one the main character and the evil blonde harpy are fighting over the love interest, Mason. When I picked vy up and started it I thought the same thing.

Jan 24, Laura rated it liked it. And her friend, Leela, are they friends or frenemies? Then there’s the white bird in the room. May 04, Courtney Wyant rated it it was amazing Shelves: He was different too. Not by a long shot. The main character really is a likable character though, and she struggles through a great adventure. The book will also have the first chapter of the novella.

This review has been hidden because sjarper contains spoilers.

Yes, there are harpies, and they are everything you imagine harpies to be. I really enjoyed this series but I wasn’t completely satisfied with the conclusion.