AIMCAT Solution. Uploaded by. mannika. Q Moral Delimma mannika. AIMCAT Question Paper. Uploaded by. mannika. Cost Accounting. Is dat variation in accuracy in va in aimcats normal, considering dat va in cat I thought this was supposed to be a chat for AIMCAT and not general. AIMCAT QA YouTube 2. Add a comment no plus ones. no shares. Looks like you’ve reached the end. Looks like you’ve reached the end. Unable to load.

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Aimcat analysis essay – meditation-foundation.

Time4education aimcat login

aaimcat Sir, recently I tried solving cat exam and I found it tougher than any of the aimcats especially the DI part.

Practice VA as follows: Instead one should try to attempt as 1039 questions as possible, accurately. There is still lot of time for improvement and i am sure that if you prepare well you will surely realize your dream of studying at the IIMs. And I do 1390 get much time to practice either bcoz of my engg clg so aimcqt it fine if i say get right in DI and attempt at max in quants and get rite den will i be able to clr the quant cutoff and den if i manage 60 in VA den is der a chance for top IIM calls deepak: In the exam, run through the question lines related to each passage this will give you a rough idea of the content of the passage, and of the types of questions.

I always end up with the wrong answer in the RC section. Fri Sep 25, 8: Here is a copy for all of you free.

I would like to take postal coaching for CAT or Can we expect this sort of paper in actual CAT? Are free tests from tenaday. Keep practicing and improving on your weak areas, accuracy and speed, and that will aimcxt naturally to you. Please check the chat transcript.


I have completed SM and want to solve more questions on these chapters. But can you please suugest where must i study it from since i have not studied maths after class 10th sunil: Favourite gift essay valuables New beginnings essay boksburg Essay writing funny gifs essay conclusion how to write vocabulary earning and spending money essay ielts importance of reading essay english languages.

Come back to it later if you have the time. What are my chances of getting a percentile around Again, varies from paper to paper.

Jain and othes simcat Loyola Business School etc. I m doing all the quant units very well. First of all ensure that you basics are pretty clear. Try to maximize your score. For aincat on General Awareness, in addition to reading newspapers regularly, it would be advisable for a student to prepare from the following sources: Also, relax – the feeling that you ‘have’ to do well also causes pressure.

If your percentile scores are improving, then thats good news. If you can share how you did that, we will be able to discuss the way forward.

aimcat 1320 pdf editor

If you target however, even if you have a bad day and get 90 or a 85, your reservation may come in handy. Thank you for the answer, I would like to know which newspaper should be read daily? You will inference based questions in CAT which means you should be able to analyze what the author is trying to say. Do not worry aimact the difficult words, take in the ideas 139 then eliminate wrong options.

Pls tell me whether appearing for CMAT is beneficial or not for one who is aiming for admission into top 30 B-schools ramnath: Every CAT taker is either in college or working aimvat. Great thanks in advance! So does that mean self attestation or attestation by a Gazetted officer? I do not know what you have checked or where, but your acads are just fine – they cross the minimum requirements aimcta most of the IIMs.


Masters In Business Administration 1. Work on those topics which you are not yet comfortable with. First read only the questions and few lines of the passage to decide ur familiarity with the topic and whether you want to attempt the same – The read the passage very fast, U will know which lines in which paragraphs will tell you the answers.

[OFFICIAL] AIMCAT 1309 Discussion Thread (Please DON’T OPEN if you have not taken the test)

You must concentrate on contextual usage of words and try to guess the meaning of the word. Read through the passage picked, quickly but carefully and completely, making notes as suggested.

Remember that the final score depends on not just how you perform but also ximcat how others do. For example, in DI you will need to improve your speed maths techniques. MBA with work ex is not important. And, you cannot go by last years paper s. Time4education student home aimmcat.

Chat Transcript

This will get you the i organisation of the passage ii the key ideas and thought-flow iii the central idea iv the style and v the tone. Read and understand the passage before attempting questions. The tests are designed in such a way that you can get the feeling of the actual CAT exam in your home itself.