The story of Devi Ahalya from the times of Ramayana is often cited as an example of how women were discriminated against even in those. Ahalya Story – When Lord Indra was cursed for lust! – Indra, also known as Sakra in the Vedas, is the leader of the Devas or gods and the lord of. Ahalya was characters of Ramayana also known as Ahilya, is the wife of the sage Gautama Maharishi. She was made by Brahma and was surreal beautiful.

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Devi Ahalya and Gautama Muni – A Story of Love, Infidelity & Liberation

Here, Ahalya and Indra fall in love and continue their affair, despite being punished by Ahalya’s jealous husband. Retrieved 4 December Rama then touched the stone statue with his foot and released Ahalya from her curse, turning her into a woman again. Jaya, Jayanti and Aparaji. The place where Ahalya is held to have practised her penance and was redeemed has been celebrated in scriptures as a sacred place called the Ahalya-tirtha.

Ahalya claims her innocence this part is not found in all manuscriptsbut Gautama agrees to accept her only when she is sanctified by offering Rama hospitality. Kings, princes and sages from all over were invited to attend the ceremony to win the hand of the beautiful princess. Some writers try to imagine Ahalya’s life after the curse and redemption, a denouement which remains undisclosed in the ancient scriptures. A History of Indian Literature: Images of Women in Maharashtrian Society.

The Vamana Purana mentions three daughters: While most versions agree that Gautama curses Ahalya after discovering the affair, the curse varies from text to text. That is why the moon carries spots, as a penalty for the part it played in the sin. Some Tamil castes trace their ancestry to Ahalya and Indra’s liaison; the castes are named after Ahalya’s children. Looking at that site, the sage got overwhelmed by the prominence of the creator and out of respect, did a circumbulation of the cow and a Shivling.


Ahalya – Wikipedia

Brahma announced that he would marry Ahalya to the person who would travel around the earth and come back first. The Tamil writer Yogiyar portrays an innocent Ahalya, who sleeps with the disguised Indra, overcome with guilt and asking for punishment.

The word Ahalya can be divided into two parts: Narayan — focuses on the psychological details of the story, reusing the old tale of Indra’s disguise as Gautama, his flight as a cat and Ahalya’s petrifaction. One day Vishwamitra received an invitation from King Janak, ruler of Janakpur Mithilato attend the Swayamvar ceremony of his daughter Sita.

Mahabharata — An Introduction.

Gill, Tejwant Singh Similar tales are also found in other adaptations. It is only natural for a husband to get angry when he finds that his wife has cheated him. Lord Rama liberated Ahalya Ahalya, meanwhile, spent years in earnest repentance, surviving on nothing but air. Stofy 6 February In the Brahma PuranaAhalya is cursed to become a dried up stream, but pleads her innocence and produces servants, who were also deceived by Indra’s disguise, as witnesses.

Women thus, were Godly, while the men were more Human. These plants ahallya luck, wealth, prosperity and health to home.

However, it also urges men to seduce women by telling the romantic tales of Ahalya. She got patient, understood the presence of Lord, and attained devotion by the grace of the Lord Ram.

The real story of Ahalya: When Lord Indra was cursed for lust!

Hanuman Chalisa HD Sound. Strangely, this spiritual freedom was not something that her husband could bestow upon her. In the tale, Ahalya is created from the ashes of the sacrificial fire by the Saptarishi seven seers and gifted to Gautama.

Surviving in such a manner, may you become invisible to the world, meriting no more importance than an ordinary rock, for ages to come. When Brahma creates Ahalya as the most beautiful being, she falls in love with Indra and longs for him, but Brahma grants her to Gautama.


Brahma was impressed by the patience, knowledge and penance of Rishi Gautam and told him that he deserved to get married to Ahalya.

Another legend, generally told in Indian folk tales, states that Arunaahala charioteer of the sun-god Surya, once became a woman named Aruni and entered an assembly of celestial nymphs, where no man except Indra was allowed. How many rebirths we have to take, how much tapasya and devotion we have to offer in order to please Him to bless us?

In one instance in the MahabharataIndra is said to have been cursed by having his beard turned to gold as he seduces Ahalya, while a curse by Kaushika sometimes interpreted as synonymous to Gautama is cited as the reason for his castration. Stealthy seduction On hearing the voice of a cock crowing at 2 AM, the sage went for his holy bath.

The actual truth about Ahalya in Ramayan – News18

There is a catch, and many of us often miss it only to get baffled by the way things happen. Ahalya got married to Gautama Brahma came to know everything through his meditation powers. He himself sacrificed too and never left the righteous path. The Raghuvamsa of Kalidasa generally dated 4th century CE notes that the wife of Gautama unnamed here momentarily becomes the wife of Indra.

Later sources often absolve her of all guilt, describing how she falls prey to Indra’s trickery. The narrative ends with praise for Rama’s compassion. Ahalya accepts the verdict without debate.