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AIR FORCE HANDBOOK SECRETARY OF THE AIR FORCE. 1 SEPTEMBER Civil Engineering. FACILITY REQUIREMENTS. NOTICE: This. requirements are defined in ANGH , ANG Standard Facility AFMAN 32 to assign occupancy and to program new facilities. AFM 32 Facilities Requirements-Civil. Uploaded by AIR FORCE MANUAL 20 APRIL Civil Engineering FACILITY See AFH V7.

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Full text of “DTIC ADA Decision Analysis Method for Air Mobility Beddown Planning Scenarios”

These considerations include using recycled materials, protecting the natural environment, and protecting historical and archaeological sites.

Please download to your computer for optimal viewing. Arresting capability may be provided by mobile aircraft arresting system MAAS see category code Finally, Chapter V will synthesize this research, discuss implications for AMC, and recommend future research possibilities.

Do not turn the sheet tabs back on and try’ to work through the tool via the tabs. When planning aircraft support facilities where personnel or 32-104 are involved, ensure explosives safety standards, DoD Allowances for Indoor and Outdoor Swimming Pools Because of the possibility of short landings and approach end engagement of aircraft arresting barriers, runway overruns are paved to the following standards: Category CodeRectory Documents Flashcards Grammar checker.

It could become home to several smaller units, or it will be demolished. The size of the MARS stations will vary with the 32-11084 of mission, function, operation and equipment used.

The ACR is a contingency runway used to launch and recover aircraft while bomb damaged main runways are under repair. The tool is very portable and ean quiekly and easily be loaded onto a laptop. The publisher assumes no responsibility for error in ads other than space used. This page is organized by category code in the left column and would also give the analyst the total cost or rough order of magnitude.

Category CodeSpecial Airfield Lighting. This estimated amount is used to calculate through various iterations the amount of each infrastructure item needed. To maintain any level of aecuraey, the cost portion of this new tool will need to be updated with any updates made to the Cost Handbook.


Taxiways are the pavements provided for the ground movement of aircraft. The system design must follow the guidance on system characteristics and capacities given in paragraphs 3. When the equipment is authorized for permanent installation, construction of a suitable afn is required.

BY ORDER OF THE AIR FORCE HANDBOOK 32-1084 Civil Engineering

Other factors affecting the size and configuration of aprons for operational aircraft follow: Additional pavement strength may be necessary to support large emergency vehicles such as the P fire truck or R refueling vehicle. Work space may be required along with storage space for paint, flammable materials and fuel tanks. It normally operates fah during normal duty hours or 321084 scheduled to support mission requirements of the individual station. Physical security equipment required includes safety and emergency lighting, obstruction AFH 1 September 51 lighting, security fencing, and controlled area signs as indicated in AFI An unsuppressed pad is generally used as a backup or interim facility.

In administrative facilities, the building net floor area for administrative space agh the sum of the net office floor area and the administrative support space. A Afu nose-to-taxiway centerline of 43 m ft is 3. DonTs The macros will not run unless the buttons are used to progress through the tool.

This is justified by reduced maintenance costs and reduced maintenance crew time near pavement facilities.

Assumptions and Limitations The current tools that are being used as a part of this research were developed for the military and for different types of missions. Make maximum use of existing facilities. They may also be collocated in one building at a single “transceiver” site. Taxiways connect the parking and maintenance 321-084 of the airfield with the runways and provide access to hangars, docks, and various parking aprons and pads.


Achieve accuracy, completeness, and uniformity in planning, programming, and budgeting for the operation, maintenance, and construction of needed facilities. Category CodeTaxiway Lighting. Approved Weapons Systems Requirements Plans.

The heavy-load design is used only at bases programmed for Bs or at bases that sustain extended B operations. All liquid fuel storage, distribution and dispensing facilities must be provided with positive methods to preclude discharge of pollutants to the surrounding atmosphere, ground or waters.

See AFI for details. This handbook provides general guidance for developing facility requirements.

A capability to contain and recover marine spills at the berth shall be provided. The type and quantity of security fencing and perimeter lighting is determined by local security forces during site surveys. These factors 32-184 be identified through current directive for infrastructure requirements, as 32-108 as discussion with subject matter experts. Not known at time of publication. Actions are taken to position Air Force units worldwide, which include selecting sites and resolving political, airspace, environmental, and beddown issues.

Some multi-HF transceiver sites may be operated locally in conjunction with radio equipment or remotely from another location. This handbook does not authorize the use of appropriated funds, nonappropriated funds, or private funds for the construction or conversion of facilities. Support requirements for the mobile RAPCON which must be located adjacent to the runway, are basically the same as those for a GCA with moderate expansion of the pad, etc.

The facility contains; an operations room, training room, maintenance room, administrative office, latrine, humidity and temperature control. This chapter contains the major criteria and standards for petroleum dispensing and operating facilities for Air Force installations worldwide. When you are planning to rehabilitate an existing apron, provide the maximum wingtip separation the existing apron size will allow. Section C–Taxiway Criteria 2.