The latest Tweets from Adam Dreamhealer (@Dreamhealer). # NaturopathicDoctor @YaletownND, First Nations #Healer, #Motivational Speaker and. I’m referring to, of course, a young man known as Adam Dreamhealer, a young man whose name popped up on my newsfeed yesterday with a. Home / Dr. Adam McLeod, ND, BSc (Hons) Dr. Adam McLeod is a licensed Naturopathic Doctor with a special focus in The Path of the Dreamhealer.

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Like Adam on facebook: Abs to the ER. He graduated from Michigan State University where he obtained his B. I wake up with an awareness, which I am truly grateful.

At one point I went to Adam and pointed out what was happening, in case his clairvoyance had missed it, and he just seemed to be unmoved, his face a blank. TV crews headed to the Vancouver area and documentary film crews devoured the story as if it was real.

Distance initial appointments are now available to oncology patients who are not able to travel to the clinic. He has received several awards for his work including Qigong young visionary award, Golden Key Award and was twice nominated for Dr. A subject named Christine was hooked up to an EEG and video taped to see if people dreamhexler the world could influence her brain waves, etc.

His family launched an expedition to Nootka Island off the coast of Vancouver, B. The most recent one in early November was quite interesting. He has presented about the power of intentions all around the world and has shared the stage with such notable speakers as Edgar Mitchell Apollo 14 AstronautDeepak Chopra, Andrew Weil, Bruce Lipton, and David Suzuki.


To book an appointment please contact the clinic. Click here for more information.

Every time I attend, I always experience emotional changes. He said he had stopped doing one-on-one healings and was focusing on group healings. At these workshops he bridges his innate healing abilities with Naturopathic knowledge to teach others how to access their own healing abilities to become self-empowered.

Terry Polevoy is a medical doctor who lives and works in the Kitchener-Waterloo, dreamhealed London, Ontario area.

This failed miserably, but he did try to shut down the website several times over the dreahealer four years. Over the years they tried to protect his identity.

Dreamhealer – Adam McLeod

He brings a scientific framework to healing with intentions. June 12, at McLeod is dedicated to developing an effective treatment plan that is both evidence-based and addresses drexmhealer unique health concerns of each patient.

Steve is a professional music teacher living in Kitchener, Ontario. In Adam and his family hired a Vancouver lawyer to try to stop my site, including the threats of a lawsuit. In the early days he would never appear on-camera or allow his face to be shown outside of his workshops that filled hotel and university auditoriums.

Dr. Adam McLeod, ND, BSc (Hons)

Today I look and feel different. His most recent book is Integrative Cancer Care: It is unlikely that McLeod will ever try adwm remove the web site again. Then there was the touching moment when he took the pain away from his mother who had multiple sclerosis.

He is an amateur astronomer, and an award-winning astro-photographer. He then claimed the power to move objects, including flying pencils and bicycles that dreamhezler degree flips while he was on it. Then the performance began again. Naturopathic Medicine is a distinct primary health care system that blends modern scientific knowledge with traditional and natural forms of medicine. After experiencing nothing much myself, but sitting quietly, we had an intermission.


Adam McLeod’s one day events where he speaks about the drfamhealer of focused intention and performs two group healings. For more information on workshops visit the website: The bizarre story began when Adam claimed to see auras. All of these approaches can work together in a synergistic way to promote the healing process. Steve Thoms Steve is a professional music teacher living in Kitchener, Ontario. Posted on 24 November by Steve Thoms.

You Might Also Like Beat Deafness, or a Poor Understanding of Music? I lost all respect for him.

The bird supposedly telepathically delivered complex scientific information to Adam. A prominent Toronto Star article by John Goddard was one of the most difficult for skeptics to digest, as it was a puff piece for cancer quackery. Experience self-empowerment at Dr. His latest ventures have been his Global Intention Heals Project. His family established a web site called distancehealing. I wake up with an vreamhealer, which I am truly grateful.

Dr. Adam McLeod, ND Vancouver | Yaletown Naturopathic Clinic

I think Adam was and is a fraud. I Got Rhythm…or not…. Follow Adam on twitter: