View and Download ABB ACS user manual online. ACS Inverter pdf manual download. MTAC pulse encoder interface module user’s manual 3AFE MUL1- R1 installation instructions for ACS, ACS,. ACS, ACS and. ACS Drives Users Manual ACS Three Phase Input. ABB ACS general machinery drives are designed for the OEM machine building sector.

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Symbols Input continuous rms input current for dimensioning cables and fuses Output continuous rms current.

Jogging The jogging function is typically used to control a cyclical movement of a machine section. The temperature is supervised using PTC sensor.

Analog output AO feeds constant current through the sensor. Strip the outer insulation of the analog signal cable degrees and ground the bare shield under the clamp. The installation must always be designed and made according to applicable local laws and regulations.

Installation and commissioning flowchart Task Identify the frame size of your drive: Make sure that the machinery into which the drive with brake control function is integrated fulfills the personnel safety regulations.

The control word is sent by the fieldbus controller via the fieldbus adapter or embedded fieldbus modbus to the drive. Reference Types And Processing Reference types and processing The drive can accept a variety of references in addition to the conventional analog input and control panel signals.


PID Control macro This macro provides parameter settings for closed-loop control systems such as pressure control, flow control, etc. During the delay the drive knows accurately the rotor position. The block diagram below illustrates the function. Automatic reset after the autoreset delay. An alarm or fault message on the panel display indicates abnormal drive status.

By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. A diagram of the cable routing is shown below. The upper case boldface text refers to the states shown in the following block diagram ABB Drives profile Control Word parameter For example if XXX is 8A8, nominal current is 8.

ABB ACS350 User Manual

Constant Speeds Constant speeds It is possible to define seven positive constant speeds. The control cas350 memory is non- volatile. When it is on, the drive starts, accelerates to a preset speed at a preset rate. The brake resistor is selected using the table and equations presented in this section.

The user may set limits for speed, current etc. The final assembler of the machine is responsible for installing – an emergency-stop device Manuual the drive Mount the drive Note: See section Speed compensated stop on page Can be monitored by the user.

Connections The diagram gives an overview of connections. Frequency input Digital input DI5 can be programmed as a frequency input.

Timed As350 Timed functions A variety of drive functions can be time controlled, e. If ignored, physical injury or death may follow, or damage may occur to the drive, motor or driven equipment. Parameter Backup mode The Parameter Backup mode amnual used to export parameters from one drive to another or to make a backup of the drive parameters. If sequence programming is deactivated by falling edge of digital input DI1, state machine is reset to state 1.



Page An alarm or fault message on the panel display indicates abnormal drive status. Drive is programmed for traverse control with 30 sequences. The same settings must be used in all on-line stations. Direction through digital input DI4. The symbols are described below the table. Set the deceleration time 1 parameter Page 60 How to start, stop and switch between local and remote control You can start, stop and switch between local and remote control in any mode. Planning electrical installation on page Check the ambient conditions, ratings and required Technical data on page cooling amnual flow.

Motor cable Drive min. When the motor speed exceeds the sleep level, acz350 counter is reset. The chapter describes the construction and type code information in short.