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Document Name: ACI 3 1 8: Building Code Requirements for Reinforced Concrete CFR Section(s): 30 CFR (d)(1) Standards Body: American Concrete. BY ORDER OF THE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOROffice of the Federal RegisterWashington, Authority of the Code of Federal Regulations. ACI Building Code Requirements for Structural Concrete (ACI ) and MANUAL OF CONCRETE PRACTICE CODE COMMENTARY.

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Consideration may be limited to combinations of dead load on all spans with full live load on two adjacent spans and with full live load on alternate spans. The concrete shall be reinforced by the equivalent of welded wire fabric having wires of No.

Building Code Requirements for Structural Concrete and Commentary (ACI 318-08, ISO 19338:2007)

Where longitudinal bars are offset at a splice, the slope of the inclined portion of the 318-992 with the axis of the column shall not exceed 1 in 6, and the portions of the bar above and below the Generated for Mohamed Aly Abdel-razik Moustafa University of California, Berkeley on Longitudinal bars bent so that the qci of the bent bar makes an angle of 30 deg or more with the axis of the longitudinal por- tion of the bar 4. The maximum total thickness at the drop panel used in computing the negative steel area for the column strip shall be 1.

The steel takes all the tension due to flexure. Unbonded tendons are free to move rela- tive to the surrounding concrete. A slab width between lines that are 1. Persons with a bona fide interest in the Institute’s field of endeavor are invited to investigate membership. The live load may be considered to be applied only to the floor or roof under consideration, and the far ends of the columns may be assumed as fixed. Stirrups in excess of those normally required are provided each way from the cut off a distance equal to three-fourths of the depth of the beam.

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This strength may be demon- strated by job-cured test specimens and by a structural analysis con- sidering the proposed loads in relation to these test strengths.

Full text of “ACI Building Code Requirements for Reinforced Concrete”

In flat slab construction, it shall be the clear distance between the floor and the lower extremity of the capital, the drop panel or the slab, whichever is least. Such bars 31892 extend at least 24 in. Subject to limitations of Section c 4, the thickness of a flat slab and the size and thickness of the drop panel, where used, shall be such that the compression due to bending at any section, and the shear about the column, column capital, and drop panel shall not exceed those permitted in Part IV-A or Part IV-B.

The shear is not over half that normally permitted, including allowance for shear reinforcement, if any. The stress-strain relation for concrete is a straight line under service loads within the allowable working stresses. Bars in a bundle shall terminate at different points with at least 40 bar diameters stagger unless all of the bars end in a support.

Identification marks shall be reproduced from 318-9 placing plans. Where 138-92 bar size exceeds Hj welded splices or afi positive connections shall preferably be used. This fabric shall extend entirely around the column at a distance of 1 in.

Where adjacent spans are unequal, the extension of negative reinforcement on each side of the column center line as prescribed in Table g 1 shall be based on the requirements of the longer span.

The span shall be considered as the center-to-center distance between supports or the clear span plus twice the thickness of slab, whichever value is the smaller. In building frames, particular attention shall be given to the effect of unbalanced floor loads on both exterior and interior columns and of eccentric loading due to other causes.


Reinforced concrete bearing walls of two-story dwellings may be 6 in. The reinforce- ment in each band shall be of equivalent size and spacing to that re- quired for the maximum positive moment in the slab.

The total thickness, tu in inches, of slabs without drop panels, or through the wci panel if any, shall be at least 3. The modulus of elasticity of prestressing steel shall be deter- mined by tests or supplied by the manufacturer.

Where the ratio of short to long span is less than 0. In the area common to two column strips, not more than one-eighth of the width of strip in any span shall be interrupted by openings. Help Center Find new research papers in: In bars required for compression only, the compressive stress may be transmitted by bearing of square-cut ends held in concentric contact by a suitably welded sleeve or mechanical device.

Due to temporary jacking force o. A complete publications catalog is available from ACI Headquarters free of charge. Bars shall be spaced approximately uniformly across each panel strip, except: Slabs where plain bars are used 0. Anchorage or development bond stress, u, shall be computed as the bar forces divided by the product of 2o times the em- bedment length.

The limits of thick- ness and quantity of reinforcement required by Section shall be waived where structural analysis shows adequate strength and stability.