and established a worldwide manufacturing and supply network. Parker Hannifin acquired the. Olaer Group in and the. Accumulator and Cooler Division. This allows Parker Olaer to propose reduced weight accumulators and other Bladder Accumulator Batteries and Piston Accumulator with. Accumulator and Cooler Division Europe. Introduction. Solutions developed by Parker Olaer are used in a large number of industrial sectors: aeronautics.

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Bring cutting-edge production concepts to accumulaator with our range of linear technology! Olaer support brackets features: You will always have the option to cancel your order if you would rather not wait. Non repairable Limited maintenance Compact. Our skilled professionals are capable of developing a wide range of quality machine, which is efficient, durable, highly productive and gives high performance.

The Group offers MerSETA-accredited training programmes and courses for hydraulics, pneumatics and automation aimed at various degrees of specialist operation. Support Brackets Olaer support brackets provide the best mounting solution for your Olaer-branded bladder, piston and accumulatir accumulators.

Hytec Services Africa has a strategic network of operations and distributions centres across the continent.

Olaer manufactures a comprehensive range of hydraulic accumulator equipment, including afcumulator, diaphragm-type and piston-type accumulators; acdumulator charging kits; and support brackets. Before Goods are returned for any reason including guarantee claims a return authorisation must be obtained from the customer services department. Save money using an accumulator by: Tectra Automation is a specialist partner in industrial and factory automation applications.


View Olaer Diaphragm Type Accumulators. In all cases we endeavour to despatch your order within 28 days. An accumulator in the system ensures the correct volume of oil at the correct working pressure, even in emergency situations and compensates for variations in leakage and temperature, dampens pressure and flow pulsations, maintains system pressure when the hydraulic pump is switched off and provides hydraulic suspension.

Wide range of materials, bladders, coatings Adaptation to low and high temperatures Adapts to different fluids Wide pressure range Bladders have very high impermeability grade.

Hytec Fluid Technology is a specialist provider of hydraulic filtration solutions in Africa. The decision of the Company as to the eligibility for credit and the amount of credit will be final. Olaer Olaer manufactures a comprehensive range of hydraulic accumulator equipment, including bladder-type, diaphragm-type and piston-type accumulators; accumulator charging kits; and support brackets.

Download the datasheet for this product Here.


We offer a Service Exchange Programme for oaler, motors and pumps. Our process valves include industrial valves, ball valves, butterfly valves and pneumatic and electric actuators. It is due to our large production capacity and good financial position that we have been able to garner a huge client base across the country.

Both Olaer bladder and diaphragm accumulstor have an instantaneous response time. You have 0 items in your basket. Our electric drive and control technology enables new possibilities in factory automation. View Olaer Piston Type Accumulators.

OLAER ACCUMULATORS | Hydraulic Systems and Components

Olaer charging kits are ideal for accumularor your bladder or piston accumulators with nitrogen for testing or adjusting pressures. As specialists in filtration technology, the Group enhances the performance and longevity of your hydraulic systems.


Eliminating the need for large hydraulic pumps and electric motors. We design, supply, install and maintain linear technology and motion systems as required by your operation.


Charging Kits Olaer charging kits are ideal for charging your bladder or piston accumulators with nitrogen for testing or adjusting pressures. Goods that are not as new and in an unworn, re-saleable condition will not be considered for return.

Accumulaotr Login about us procurement services request a quote online store contact us.

For other special applications, food industry contamination and nuclear plants, special compounds are available offering low permeability characteristics or resistance to aggressive or corrosive fluids. Year of Establishment Goods that have been customised, badged, embroidered or tailored in anyway will be non-returnable.

Parker Olaer Accumulator Charging Kits | Protective Supplies & Procurement Services

Our entire range accumulatorr machines is examined on different quality parameters, so as to deliver defect-free machines to the customers.

View the features of each Olaer accumulator stocked by Hytec below, as well as the features for charging kits and support brackets.

Frequency Converters Gear Boxes.