Aangan (Urdu: آنگن) is a famous social and political Urdu novel written by a famous Pakistani writer Khadija Mastoor. It was first published by. Documents Similar To Aangan by Khadija Mushaf By Nimra Ahmad. Uploaded by. Omer Arshad. Yeh Hansta Howa Mousam by Farhat Ishtiaq. Read Book Aangan ebooks 1 by Khadija Mastoor on Rekhta Urdu books library. Navigate to next page by clicking on the book or click the arrows for previous.

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P Khadija Mastoor is also sort of regarded as one of the first feminist minded writers of the Era i read that somewhere not sure where: Rabia Shahzad rated it it was ok Nov 10, Its not a story of just victims but of those they victimized. From a fictional perspective. Archived from the original on 12 July Archived from the original on 26 December Jun 13, Zarish Fatima rated it really liked it.

When she could not find the manuscript, she sat down and wrote it all over again.

The male cast of the character amstoor a different political view and agenda each. Jan 24, Masooma Batool rated it liked it. Has to be the first classic that chugged with such vigor.

Yet, with a wisdom that belies khadja years, she is filled with compassion, has a reservoir of good sense and never ceases to care for her tormented loved ones, choosing to learn from their mistakes while teaching herself to shield herself from the pain wrought by irredeemably bad judgement.


Both sisters were very different as writers and I developed the idea that Masroor was more accomplished as a short story writer while Mastoor was a fine novelist.

But she is all but cut off from an outside world with its endless possibility for one who dreams of self — sufficiency, and left to keep her hopes alive amidst the broken dreams and carnage of conflicting ideologies evidenced by her extended family. Archived from the original on 1 September Chand Roz Aur 4. Pakistan must own the FATF project. She always has measured judgement, respect for elders, even when This was a difficult novel to review.

In a similar vein, but without going overboard, Asloob Ahmad Ansari from Aligarh regarded it as one of the 15 major novels in the language.

Aangan by Khadija Mastoor Urdu Novel PDF Download | Online Library

It is an acute portrayal of the times and lives of women, not just from a female point of view, but also a tale that mirrors the political times outside the courtyard, set in a few decades before partition and moves to the post-partition times eventually. Dec 23, Shabana Mukhtar maxtoor it it was amazing. But after reading this novel i It took me a while to finish this book. Whose lives were bound in the 4 walls of their houses.

Dear reader, online ads enable us to deliver the journalism you value. Updated December 30, Prisoner accord If Pakistan hopes to bring back to own prisons people sentenced abroad, it is even more reason to reform jail system.

She wrote several collections of short stories. Retrieved 23 December View all 9 comments. The author lives in Singapore, is an obsessive reader of Urdu literature and is an avid follower of Urdu serials. It is gratifying to see that the book takes its place as a Penguin Classic.


Jago Pakistan Jago Wonderful Indonesia. Rockwell contributes an afterword which offers useful insights into the story and its author.


Thanks for telling us about the problem. It took me a while to finish this book. But after reading this novel i pretty sure its true, though her sense of individual independence in no way undermines the classical duty of a south Asian daughter to her family, old fashioned lady some might say.

Khadija Mastoor develops her characters and their surroundings like a painting, keeping in mind each and every detail using similes and metaphors beautifully.

Aangan / آنگن

If you want to read a light-hearted book, Aangan is not for you but anyone who is able to appreciate the art and style of beautiful writing must not miss reading the novel. Retrieved 20 December The dimensions of human misery Retrieved 2 September Out of the two, Aangan is the one that got lots of admiration in the literary circle. Recommended byy urdu book readers.

Gy from the original on 6 October Technically, this space is not confined to women only — as conveyed by the title — but it contrasts with the more open and public spaces available to men.

It is based on the partition of the Indian Subcontinent and the resulting independence of Pakistan.

Very good story, well done. Views Read Edit View history.