“Abraham Lincoln” is the biography of Lincoln by British author, scholar and Review of “Abraham Lincoln” by Lord Charnwood of this book than in any complete book I can remember over the past several months. Author: Lord Charnwood. Release Date: May 11, [EBook .. the whole of Abraham Lincoln’s kindred are now out of the story. They. This book about Abraham Lincoln, the famous American president. By reading this book you can Abraham Lincoln: A Complete Biography: Lord Charnwood.

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This splendid profile of lprd epic figure whose relevance endures and grows with the passage of time is abrahwm reading for admirers of Lincoln, students and scholars of American history, and anyone who appreciates a well-written, engrossing biography.

A prime example of Charnwood’s close attention to the principled rhetoric of Lincoln is the section of his biography entitled “The Principles and the Oratory of Lincoln,” which begins: Lincoln’s distinctively human and humane personality and historical role as savior of the Union creates a legacy that endures the test of time. It was not the mere matter of separation of the colonies from the motherland, it was the sentiment in the Declaration of Independence which bioography liberty, not alone to the people of this country, but I hope to the world, for all future time.

Abraham Lincoln by Charnwood, Lord

June 26, at 3: He practices the very thing he appreciates in Lincoln and hence displays before the reader the moral questions at the heart of American self-government. Buy with confidence, excellent customer service! The credit far surpasses the condemnation, however, and the absence of any specific eulogy in the biography only leaves the reader free cmplete phrase his own. Thanks for telling us about the problem.


No mere dramatist he, Shakespeare was for Lincoln a political teacher of the highest order. Amit Singh rated it it was amazing Jan 05, Henry Holt and Company, Raj rated it really liked it Feb 21, There have been several biographies that have been published ever since the publication of this one, yet this particular version still counts as the best.

I admit to being skeptical before I read it, but I added this book to my list in the middle of my Lincoln oof on the strength of several readers who strongly recommended it as an experience if nothing else and a couple of the authors of bios already on my list referred favorably to it in their books.

If I could save the Union without freeing any slave I would do it, and if I could save if by freeing all the slaves, I would do it; cyarnwood if I could save it by freeing some and leaving others alone I would also do that.

Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincolnbiographiesbook reviewsLord Charnwoodpresidential biographiesPresidents. As for the Gettysburg Address, Charnwood is content to cite it in full, but he reserves explication for other sections of the biography that dealt more directly with Lincoln’s political philosophy.

This is not to say, of course, that Charnwood is oblivious to or dismissive of Lincoln’s patriotism. Lord Charnwood did a fantastic job with his writing and sharing of information.

What more could one ask of a political thinker of the highest rank? At the risk of prejudicing his own retelling of the Lincoln story, Charnwood acknowledges his lorr at the outset: Ships with Tracking Number!

Mar 28, Bookgeeks. Garden City first brought out an edition inand did 14 printings between that year and — fortunately, the ownership signature on front flyleaf is dated and pinpoints this as most likely the second Garden City printing.

Craig Cunningham rated it really liked it Jul 12, The book shows how the limits of Lincoln’s education brought forth some of the best prose written in English and why the limits and clarity of his political priorities were fundamental to winning the Civil War. It possesses a noble rhythm that elevates it to the status of Classics. Charnwood repeats a newspaper editor’s comment upon hearing Lincoln’s speech at Peoria: You are commenting using your Twitter account.


Charnwood’s Lincoln: Biography as Civics Lesson

Can’t wait to read more about our 16th President. But note that Charnwood states that the tribute “consists in the careful examination of just those actions and just those qualities of his upon which candid detraction has in fact fastened, or on which candid admiration has ocmplete with hesitancy.

Some might argue that Lincoln’s First Inaugural Address, to which Charnwood devotes bj two paragraphs in a biography marked by careful attention to political principles, should have received more considered attention given the events that soon follow.

Volume 27Issue 2Summerpp.

Charnwood begins his last sentence with the supposition, “If he [Lincoln] had a theory of democracy,” which seems to this reader’s mind to be answered clearly and overwhelmingly in the affirmative by the rest of Lord Charnwood’s biography. Hence, it is no surprise that what sets Charnwood’s Abraham Lincoln apart from all others is not merely its reliance on the thought of Lincoln—by way of numerous and extensive citations—but its close explication of Lincoln’s thinking against the backdrop of the social and political turmoil of antebellum America and the Civil War.

Only then could one understand Lincoln as Lincoln understood himself. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.