747-400 FCOM PDF

Is the only FCOM the book manual on the PMDG website? I have been told by a fellow simmer that my insufficient fuel on my FMC can be found. BOEING NORMAL PROCEDURES CHECKLIST. TAXI OUT. First Officer. Captain. ALTIMETERS (BOTH) ____ IN/hPa, ____FT. ALLOWABLE. FCOM FCTM QRH – january – june «on: November 10, , PM». Hello my dears, Here i attach part manuals.

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The latter has the difficult mission to conciliate both the noise reduction around airfields while not penalizing too much the airlines operations, that is to say the air transport industry as a whole.

A fuel imbalance can occur for many reasons, including acceptable variations in the performance of fuel system components, variations in engine fuel burn characteristics, faults in internal fuel system components, or fuel system or structural faults that cause fuel to leak overboard.

Preventing Engine Ingestion Injuries History has fcmo that failure to fom proper safety precautions, such as good communication and awareness of the fdom areas in the vicinity of an operating jet engine, can result in serious injury or death.

Its various effects on man, especially on the people living in the vicinity of civilian and military airfields must be studied to be better accounted for. Some types of vibration can be expected from time to dcom and are considered normal.

Conducting Effective Briefings This Airbus Flight Operations Briefing Note provides generic guidelines for conducting effective and productive briefings. Investigations of these accidents by Boeing indicate that they are preventable by proper and consistent use of barriers and following airline policies and procedures.

Calculating Errors Mistakes in determining takeoff parameters are frequent, a french study says, and methods of detecting them are not always effective. The training package consists of this document and an accompanying. It is a continuation of the project to identify leadership and followership skills used in CRM, and builds on the previous published manual Cockpit Leadership and Followership Skills: Missed Assessment Tired pilots neglecte to perform a required review before landing Never Cross Red Exceptions fom a global rule weaken the effectiveness of the stop bar as a last defense against runway incursions.


Since then, a number of advances – ground proximity warning systems, the successful push to have VASI and ILS systems installed on more air carrier runways, and head-up displays – have greatly reduced the incidence of ”black hole” approach incidents and accidents among carriers flying large jet aircraft. Human Factors In Accidents and Incidents This briefing provides a summary of human factors issues identified in incidents and accidents.

Low Fuel temperatures Basics, principles of operations and a new software tool for operational predictions Managing Uneven Brake Temperatures Operators typically purchase twin-aisle airplanes for long-distance flights. These systems pose a potential damage and safety hazard to commercial airplanes that use the same runways. Safety on the Straight and Narrow Aviation safety experts aim for the Runway Safety Initiative to provide the tools to prevent runway excursions.

Skin Cancer Prevention Flight crews and cabin crews should take precautions against exposure to the ultraviolet rays in sunlight while on airport ramps and during layovers. Electromagnetic Interference A good study of the electromagnetic interferences caused by portable electronic devices laptops, PDAs, Electronic games, cell phones, etc.

Response To Inflight Smoke Engineering design by fcok manufacturers, oversight by regulators, and maintenance practices by operators combine to minimize occurrences of smoke, fumes, and fire in the fco, areas of airplanes.

Polar Air Boeing FCOM QRH Manual | #

A pilot may consider making an overweight landing when a situation arises that requires the airplane to return to the takeoff airport or divert to another airport soon after takeoff. Although different in nature, these examples have some common points: It discussses the key elements that lead to a good landing.

And the environment in which sleep takes place can make a large difference, for good or bad. Taxi Procedures Taxi incidents are usually perceived to be less dangerous than incidents in flight,but they may cost a lot of money!


This was an international effort with participants representing the full spectrum of stakeholders from the aviation community. Words Than Can Be Hazardous To Your Health Miscommunication arising from spoken interaction is a fact of life experienced, in one form or another, almost daily. Ccom On Slippery Runways Boeing has recently published a well illustrated document specific to landing on slippery runways.

Normal thunderstorm avoidance procedures may help pilots avoid regions of high ice crystal content. Optimum Use Of The Weather radar The aim of this Briefing Note is to provide additional information rcom weather radar capabilities and limitations, in order to improve the flight crew’s overall understanding of the system, and to help prevent such incidents from occurring.

Wake Turbulence Awareness and Avoidance The objective of this briefing is to provide information to help recognize the factors that increase the risk of a wake vortex encounter, Flying techniques to avoid wake turbulence and the information to help recognize the gcom of wake turbulence.

The studies provide fleetwide information so that operators can take steps to reduce SBO events.

Polar Air Boeing 747-400 FCOM QRH Manual

Right Talk From The Right Seat Despite lessons drawn from cockpit resource management programs, the language of the flight deck varies by the seat being occupied – and peril can hide in the syntax. Takeoff Rotation This Airbus production reviews some rotation flying fckm and is written as a reminder of various recommendations.

It is strongly recommended that you read, in their entirety, the Aviation Weather and How Radar Works sections first. They also expressed concern about the weather and its potential to delay the impending take-off.