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Spaces are not reserved for Transition students in the second year of the curriculum. Asia -Contact: Provide official transcripts of all college work. This program is for those who have completed a paramedic program at a hospital. All transfer credits must be from an accredited institution. Failure Courses numbered are designed for students to acquire basic skills necessary for successful college work.

Veterans, current military, spouses and dependents visit the VRC to watch movies, study, and converse with others. Mott College students may search for books using the Mott Library Catalog and request to have the Mott owned books sent to their respective extension center. Mid-semester grades are advisory grades and are not permanently recorded. Points will be awarded to students based on the application portfolio submitted by the deadline.

Program outcomes which include examination results, attrition, number of enrollees, number coreected graduates and job placement for all respiratory therapy programs may be found at this website. Attendance at a mandatory PTA orientation session during the summer prior to start of each fall semester. They present a body of knowledge through extensive reading assignments coordinated with additional content which may include videos, discussion threads, group emails and other modes of technology.


Academic Probation Students who have not maintained a cumulative grade byy average of 2.

2013-2015 Catalog – Mott Community College

If you have exceeded the credit limit your appeal must include a current Degree Review Form filled out and signed by your Academic Advisor identifying only the required courses needed to complete your degree at Mott Community College. After successful completion of this certificate the student will also have enough training to prepare them for the State and ASE Certification tests in Manual Transmissions, Steering and Suspension, and Brakes and Engine Repair.

Finding Information Contact a librarian if you need assistance: Examples of these positions could include senior designer, head mechanic, quality manager, construction manager, etc.

Students can combine a college education with supervised on-the-job training. This program is a forrected initiative brought to Flint through a partnership between Mott Communit College and the Flint Community Schools. Submit documentation of a physical exam, including required immunizations and TB testing, completed within the last 6 monthsat the student’s expense information is available in the Health Sciences Division 60 ; completed CBIs must be received by April 1 for the Spring semester Transition courses b.

Focus is on music foundation classes and general education requirements that will transfer to other institutions. It is designed to provide training in robotic programming and controls to supplement the technical degree.

: Sitemap

Students are admitted into the clinical sequence twice a year, in the Fall and Winter semesters. Please meet with an advisor or your program coordinator to determine which option is best for you. The AP examinations are offered nationally and world-wide each May, and are administered at participating high schools. The Associate in Science AS Degree is designed primarily for students who plan to transfer to a four-year college or university with a major in natural or physical sciences, mathematics, or in preparation for professional fields such as medicine, dentistry, dietetics, environmental science, natural resources or engineering.

The division in which the class is offered will attempt to notify students in the class if such action is taken. The OPT program provides a F. Related fields are equipment sales and rental, building inspection and insurance adjusting. This growth offers expanded career opportunities for well-trained technical people throughout the local, national and international job markets.


Applications will be considered for one admission cycle only: A commitment to academic integrity, ethical reasoning and action, and preparation for lifelong learning should be central to all coursework. For students involved in the construction of residential or commercial buildings. A student who enrolls on an audit basis may not change to a credit basis. Absence from class es or examinations for religious reasons does not relieve students from responsibility for any part of the course work required during the period of absence.

Today, Mott College has an enrollment of more than 12, students and offers more than degree and certificate programs in a wide range of areas, including Health Sciences, Criminal Justice, Culinary Arts, Computer Science, Business, Technology and many more. This is called a Return of Funds. Be enrolled at least six credits in each semester a loan is offered.

These courses help students develop skills in: Coordinator receives supplemental application for the program. Students in this certificate program can continue to earn a degree in Computer Occupations Technology. Clio MI Phone: This is an academic merit scholarship that does vorrected require proof of financial need. To withdraw, a student must fill out the Class Schedule Worksheet form and file it with the Registration and Records Office. A CDA will correched you to become: It will specify a date by which the required work must be completed.

This program enables students to develop and refine their leadership philosophies and behaviors.