K Five Hundred and One Opening Problems To order: compiled and edited by Richard K Tesuji Problems To order: compiled and edited by Richard. Five Hundred and One Tesuji Problems (Mastering the Basics) (Volume 4) [ Richard Bozulich] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Tesuji. Tesujis are skillful moves that accomplish some clear tactical objective, such as capturing stones or a group, rescuing one of your own groups linking up your.

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Get strong at Tesuji.

Some of these tesujis occur quite frquently in games, while others are seldom seen. A five-space eye has eight liberties. Being strong at the opening will give you an advantage, and accurate reading and calculation in the endgame can gain you many points; but excelling at the middle game is the surest way to victory.

The reader is urged to approach them as positions that might occur in their own games, decide how they would play, and then look at the answers to compare their own thinking to that of a professional.

The Basics of Go Strategy. Clearly, a go player needs some principles to guide him. Destroy an eye with a diagonal peep. The preface defines tesujis as skillful moves that some clear tactical objective, such as capturing stones or a group, rescuing one of your own groups, linking up your stones, separating your opponent’s stones, etc.

Mastering the Basics 501 Tesuji Problems Vol 4

This book contains 16 fighting games, analyzed in depth and played by some of the world’s strongest players from Korea, China, and Japan. Google [Bot] and 3 guests. It is much better to go through problems you are comfortable with and getting through many of those done than to crawl at a snail-pace over problems that fly over your head.


The book’s layout is well suited to studying the problems.

I just read the wrong moves and forget about certain very important things like the oponent being able to make a ko in that case etc. Don’t let your opponent make a moyo while he is reducing yours. Edit page Discuss page 2.

There are two approaches to presenting tesujis problems. However, understanding and recognizing good shape is important for becoming a strong player and developing the intuition that will instantly guide you to finding the strongest moves in middle-game fighting.

It continues by contrasting the concept of thick stones with that of thin stones, and finally what are heavy stones and what are light stones, and how these relate to the important concept of sabakiwhich is essentially a method of making good shape. Establish a position inside your opponent’s sphere of influence. Is this book a hard book for sdk on tesuji or did I just find my weak spot? There’s death in a hane. It is also an essential book for those tesuui like to build moyos but may be unsure of how to defend them against an attack.

Territorial Frameworks Principle All of these different tesuji are scattered throughout problemx book.

The aim of this book is to bring together these ideas and to show the reader how they interact. Here, examples of every kind are presented. Just as in a game, one never knows what kind of tesuji will appear.

problem The reader is expected to make the effort to verify that the answer to each problem is indeed the best and most profitable move, and to prove to himself that any other move fails to achieve the stated objective. All About Ko is a comprehensive textbook on ko. Attacking and Defending Moyos is an essential book even for those who like to play a tight territorial tesiji, for they will undoubtedly often meet opponents who build moyos.


Erase your opponent’s moyo with a shoulder hit.

2 Digits to catch a Shodan: Difficulty level of Tesuji Problems

Started working on it at lower SDK-level myself though, so it should be ok for you too, especially if you take it as a text book, as I did: However, this book is more than just a game book; it is also 51 problem book. Although ko is a difficult subject, All About Ko simplifies it by breaking it down into 19 short and easily digestible chapters.

Users browsing this forum: As you work your way through this book, you will find that the tesujis that solve the problems will occur to you more and more quickly. Professional games are full of kiai. The first chapter begins with an extensive theoretical introduction to ttesuji, beginning with the efficient placement of stones. Posted by Ryko at 6: One Thousand and One Life-and-Death Problems To order compiled and edited by Richard Bozulich The problems in this book focus on technique and reading, not on standard corner positions.

In this book, I have problmes to present examples of every kind of tesuji.