Türkiye İhracat Stratejisi ve Eylem Planı. MINISTRY OF DEVELOPMENT. Türkiye’de Kümelenme Politikaları ve Uygulamaları, Mehmet Cansız, Ankara. TEMMUZ MEHMET BÜYÜKEKŞİ. Göreve geldiğimizde ilk yaptığımız iş, Türkiye’nin İhracat Stratejisi çalışmalarına başlamak oldu. Türkiye’nin. Stratejisi ile Türkiye, yılına kadar dünyanın ilk on ülkesi arasına girmeyi senaryo çerçevesinde, Türkiye’nin yılında milyar dolar ihracat hedefine.

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Credibility-based fuzzy mathematical programming model for green logistics design under uncertainty. Distributed clustering of autonomous shipping containers by concept, location, and time.

İhracat arttı, karlılık düştü

An analysis of third-party logistics performance and service provision. English Turkish English Login. International Journal of Production Economics. Confirmation of a measurement model for green supply chain management practices implementation.

TİM – İhracat arttı, karlılık düştü

Cluster and the new economics of competition. Journal of Psychosomatic Research, 60 6 The private and social cost efficiency of port hinterland container distribution through a regional logistics system. In this study, the performance of foreign trade of the neighboring and surrounding countries was compared with the countries covered by the other regional trade strategies.

Design and operation of intermodal transportation network in the Marmara region of Turkey.

Journal of Qafqaz UniversityVol. Evaluating goodness-of-fit indexes for testing measurement invariance.

All papers reproduced by permission. The use of outsourcing logistics activities: Is industrial districts logistics suitable for industrial parks?


YearVolume 19, Issue 57, Pages – Analysis on the spatial distribution of logistics industry in the developed East Coast Area in China. Applied Mathematical Modelling, 36 2 Van Den Heuvel, F. A Multidisciplinary Journal, pg. This study investigates the importance of clustering activities in order to increase the quality and effectiveness of logistics industry, also shows the determination of basic needs and assessment of logistics processes for different stakeholders operating in Bolu.

The s, that began to implement the export-oriented foreign trade strategy,was a period in which economic and trade relations with especially neighboring and surrounding countries increased rapidly. Direct and indirect relationships between emotional intelligence and subjective fatigue in university students.

TİM AKADEMİ by ahmet demir on Prezi

How logistics-service providers can develop value-added services for SMEs: Transportation Research Part C: In 22023, Turkey developed new strategies and policies to overcome the negative developments of s in foreign trade. Assessing measurement invariance in cross-national consumer research.

Part A 46, — The effects of different stakeholders in logistics sector over capacity and resource sharing and increasing the value-added services by using the knowledge sharing, education and learning abilities are performed with the detailed analysis. Turkey began to experience an increase in both the number of reached export markets and the volume of exports with the implemented new foreign trade strategy and policy in which was regionally weighted.

Coefficient alpha and the internal structure of tests. Handbook of structural equation modeling, The roadmap for the development of logistics sector ihraca regional development is prepared by analyzing the data with equivalent strwtejisi tests at stratejiai stages using different important variables and by sharing the importance of clustering activities for member of triple helix structures.


Structural equation modeling,9 2 Logistics and Transportation Review, 46 6 Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg, pp. LogisticsClusteringEquivalent Measurement. Emerging Technologies, 19 5 Providing an increase in foreign trade volume and market diversification efforts have been attempted with the new strategies and policies.

Testing for the equivalence of factor covariance and mean structures: Transportation Research Part E: Logistics and Transportation Review, 83, Logistics and Transportation Review, 36 3 However, the neighboring and surrounding countries covered by the neighboring and surrounding countries strategy were not found to be better in comparison with the countries covered by other regional strategies in terms of exports and imports.

In contrast, in s negative developments occurred in foreign trade volume due to a number of negatives such as the events in the Middle East and the EU market to come to a certain saturation point after incorporation into the Customs Union. Implications for Firm Boundaries and Clusters.